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    Unlock the Sweet Success of Cookie Man: Explore Franchise Opportunities with us !

    Indulge your entrepreneurial spirit and dive into the delectable world of freshly baked goodness with Cookie Man the pioneer in the art of creating irresistible cookies. Established in Australia in 1958, Cookie Man has become the unrivaled leader in the fresh-baked segment, capturing hearts and taste buds worldwide.

    A Sweet Journey:

    Cookie Man's journey began in the charming landscapes of Australia in 1958, where the first oven was fired up to create the perfect cookie. Over the years, the brand has perfected the art of baking, ensuring that each bite delivers a symphony of flavors and textures that keep customers coming back for more.


     No. 1 in Fresh Baked Delights:

    Cookie Man has earned its place as the number one brand in the fresh-baked segment. The secret lies in using only the finest ingredients, coupled with a passion for baking that transcends generations. 

    Sprinkling Sweetness Across India:

    In a testament to its global appeal, Cookie Man has expanded its presence to major metros in India & many tier 1 & 2 cities. The brand has also made its mark in high-traffic areas like airports, ensuring that even on the go, customers can savor the warmth and deliciousness of Cookie Man's creations.

     Australian Foods India Pvt. Ltd.

    In India, the torchbearer of the Cookie Man legacy is Australian Foods India Pvt. Ltd. With a deep understanding of the Indian market and a commitment to upholding Cookie Man's standards, Australian Foods India Pvt. Ltd. has successfully brought the brand to new heights. Currently, we operate a network of 60+ stores spanning across 17 cities, creating a delightful footprint of sweet success.

    Franchise Opportunities Await You:

    Now, the opportunity to be a part of Cookie Man's success story is knocking on your door.. This is your chance to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have embraced the sweetness of Cookie Man as a franchise business owners,

    Why Choose Cookie Man?

    1. Proven Success: With a legacy dating back to 1958, Cookie Man has a track record of success that speaks for itself.
    2. Brand Recognition: As the number one brand in the fresh-baked segment, Cookie Man enjoys widespread recognition and customer loyalty.
    3. Global Appeal: From Australia to India, Cookie Man has captured the hearts of cookie enthusiasts around the world.
    4. Turnkey Support: As a Cookie Man franchisee, you'll benefit from the comprehensive support provided by Australian Foods India Pvt. Ltd., ensuring your journey to success is smooth and sweet.

    How to Get Started?

    Please fill the form below, and let the sweet journey begin. Join Cookie Man in spreading the joy of freshly baked cookies and become a part of a global legacy that started in 1958.

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