1 Kg Cookie Tub

    1 Kg Cookie Tub

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      Calling all cookie lovers! Unleash a never-ending supply of deliciousness with CookieMan's incredible 1Kg Tub Collection! These giant tubs are overflowing with a delightful assortment of our most popular cookie flavours, perfect for:

      • Stocking Up Your Pantry: Keep your cookie jar brimming with fresh, delicious treats for the whole family.
      • Sharing the Joy: Perfect for parties, gatherings, or simply keeping the office snack drawer happy.
      • The Ultimate Gift: Surprise your loved ones with a giant tub of pure cookie bliss - it's a gift that keeps on giving (and satisfying)!

      What's Inside the Cookie Cosmos?

      Our 1Kg Tub Collection offers a variety of options to tantalize your taste buds. Each tub features a unique assortment of our most popular flavours, including:

      • Classic Delights: Indulge in timeless favorites like our Choc Chip, double choc chip and Butter Cashew Cookies.
      • Mocha Magic: Discover the delightful combination of coffee and chocolate in our irresistible Mocha Cookies.
      • Unique Twists: Explore exciting flavours like our Black Currant for a taste sensation beyond the ordinary.

      The CookieMan Difference:

      • Made with High-Quality Ingredients: We use real ingredients and no artificial flavors or colors (Double-check for confirmation on CookieMan's website).
      • Premium Quality in Every Bite: Experience the difference that fresh, delicious ingredients make.
      • Bulk Savings and Long-Lasting Enjoyment: Stock up on your favourites and enjoy incredible value for money.

      No matter your taste preference, there's a perfect CookieMan 1Kg Tub Collection waiting to be discovered! Browse our selection and find your new happy place.