What to gift someone you love?

    What to gift someone you love?

    The culture of gifting is practiced all over the world in some form or the other. It’s a sweet way of letting someone know we care. But have you ever imagined the expression on your friend’s face when they see the same figurine or flower vase coming back to them, that they had gifted you six months back on your birthday or anniversary?

    We often land up rotating the gifts we get on anniversaries and christmas without realising that we are actually passing it over to the same person who gave us the gift. Some of us may have faced a similar situation and end up embarrassing ourselves sometimes! There is no perfect gift. But there are certain gifts which will always be appreciated.

    There are plenty of gifting options online for everyone. From cookie gift boxes to healthy snacks, the types of presents online are endless.

    How to choose gifts?

    Some people are very sentimental when it comes to gifts. So if you are wondering what to gift a person that will leave an impression on them, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are thinking of sending someone gifts.

    Make your intentions loud and clear

    Gifts always carry a purpose. We all express our love and affection through the gifts. Avoid giving something that the person might never use or have the need for. For example, gifting a plant to someone who constantly travels is a bad idea! Sometimes, keeping it basic and casual is the key. A beautiful bouquet of flowers or a box of cookies that you order online are easier for everyone and also never goes out of fashion.

    Don’t go overboard

    People would like to return the favour when you gift them as a gesture of thanks. Therefore whenever you are buying something for someone, try not to go overboard by gifting them something that they would feel pressured to return the favor. 

    Try keeping your gifts simple and sweet. That does not weigh heavy on the other person’s shoulders. Cookie gift boxes from Cookieman India, can be a perfect option to give away to anyone on any occasion. We at Cookie man offer 50+ unique flavours for everyone’s taste buds and preferences.

    Decide on a budget

    People who like to give gifts often land up splurging money which they regret later. Therefore whenever you are planning to buy gifts online you need to prepare a budget and make sure you stick to it. The best thing about gifting people sweet and tasty cookies is that you get a lot of variety to choose from.

    Whether it's your five year old, your girlfriend, new boss, neighbour or your newlywed spouse, everyone likes to see a basket of freshly baked cookies at the breakfast table. It’s a sweetest surprise that will definitely light their faces up. I still remember the expression on my son’s face when he opened the box of cookies on a Sunday morning.

    Pay attention and read between the lines

    When you want to buy a gift to someone whom you know personally, it is easier to pick the right gift they might cherish. Try and read what they might like or what they talk about generally.

    Their interests, profession or lifestyle will tell you a lot about what the person might like to receive. But most of the time, we are left clueless when we have to meet someone we barely know and in such times, a well packed cookie gift box can always save the day.

    When I visited my nephew on his birthday I didn’t have time to ask him what he would like me to bring him for his birthday so I simply picked up a cookie and brownie box from Cookie Man India and I was glad he liked them.

    If you are visiting someone it’s always a good omen to bring gourmet snacks such as cookies or flowers.  It’s a mood changer and always enlightens a person when they see a gift box of chocolate in your hand. According to me it’s the best way to express love.

    It's the thought that counts. But the thought can be put into action easily.

    We all live busy lives. Plenty of times, we forget about a particular day or an event. We can’t really buy gifts in advance as we don’t know to whom it might be suitable. Flowers are universal, but perishable. On the other hand, ordering gift cookie boxes online when the event is scheduled saves this last minute hastiness most of the time.

    They are freshly baked and sealed well. Ordering Cookies or snacks online is easy and our cookies are available on swiggy, zomato as well! To top it all, you don't have to gift pack it. Gifting can’t be easier than this.

    A good gift can go a long way

    A good gift always creates a great impression on people. The idea of gifting sweets are ingrained in our Indian culture. Give a modern twist to it and order Cookie man cookies that will impress them even more. Remember for most people the route to their heart goes through their stomach!