The Perfect Almond Brownie

    The Perfect Almond Brownie

    Almond brownies are just irresistible and perhaps the first preference of people with a sweet tooth. With a double dose of dark chocolate they taste superb and can tickle any taste bud. The best thing about these brownies is that they are gluten free and you would not be able to know when you have a bite.

    They are the ideal snacks and just perfect for the time when you want to eat something good. Let us talk about some important tips that you need to remember to prepare these brownies with perfection like the ones you buy from Cookie Man India.

    Know Which Kind of Almond Brownie You Want to Prepare

    Brownies fall into two categories cakey and fudgy. It is very important for you to know which kind of brownies you need. If you have made up of your mind to make fudgy ones, do not read the recipe of cakey ones or you would be in the state of a complete mess at the midst.

    So, it is very important that you know which kind of brownies you want to make before getting started.

    Give Enough Time for the Melted Chocolate to Get Cool

    Most of the people make the mistake of not cooling the melted chocolate which creates a number of problems. When you melt chocolate for brownies you should wait for some time before mixing the hot melted chocolate into sugar and eggs. After melting chocolate over low heat, you should set it aside for some time and let it get cool before you add sugar and eggs to it otherwise you would end up in ruining the whole mixture.

    Stir Chocolate into Melted Butter Till the Mixture Becomes Shiny and Smooth

    These brownies are easy to prepare and the ingredients to make them are easily available at your home. Also, remember that moister they are better they would be. To make super moist brownies that can easily melt in your mouth you need you need to minimize the air bubbles which make brownies fluffy. You can do so by stirring chocolate into the melted butter till it is smooth and shiny. The more patiently you do this for a long time, the better your brownies would be.

    Use the Right Pan for the Task

    Use just the right pan for this job. Most of the brownie recipes prepared by the trusted professionals of reputed place like Cookie Man India are prepared in a pan that is 8-9 inches. Do not use a thin pan. If you do so, your cookies would get overcooked and using too small pan will give you undercooked cookies. So, size of the pan should be appropriate.

    Do not Make the Mistake of Overcooking Your Brownies

    This is one of the mistakes that most of the bakers do and ruin the texture as well as the entire brownie. Do not wait for taking brownie out of the oven till your tooth pick does not have any crumbs stuck over it. This trick does not work in case of brownies. Overcooked brownies are awful as they turn too hard. If you want to keep them soft, moist and fudgy, take your brownies out of the oven before you think that they are done and your toothpick still have at least some crumbs on it.

    Do Not Cut Into Fresh-Baked Cookies

    Smell of the freshly baked brownies that are taken out from the oven is just amazing and in all probability you would be tempted to a cut a warm piece and eat. You just need to resist this urge and have to wait till they cool down. Just wait for some time and cut them when they are cool, you will have a nicer and cleaner cut when you do so.

    Apart from getting a nicer cut, if you wait for some time to cut the brownies then more flavor and taste would be developed and you would be able to enjoy the best taste.

    Do not Try to Over mix the Batter

    If you try to over mix your batter then too much of air would be incorporated into brownies and this will ruin the entire texture. So, how much you want to mix the batter so that the right perfection can be achieved. Mix the batter till it forms uniform dough no more and no lesser than this.

    Lift Them in One Piece

    Almond brownies are softer than the gluten one and many people do the mistake of destroying them when they pick them up. If you want to lift the brownies out of the pan in a single piece before you cut then you need to line the bottom and either side of the pan with a sheet of parchment paper that overlaps the sides.

    Make sure to cool your brownies for 15 minutes and so before you remove them from the pan. Cookie Man India is the place to trust on when you want to grab the best almond brownies.

    “These small tips can make a big difference. Bake like a pro and win the accolades you truly deserve.”