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Coconut Macaroon Cookies

Coconutty delights!! 

The Coconut macaroon is a crispy brittle cookie made with rich coconut. This cookie is as close to a coconut that you can get without actually eating one!! 

Coconut Macaroon from Cookieman is made up of coconut, condensed milk and vanilla, You will get the sweet flavour of dried coconut in every bite and it’s crispy, soft; exterior makes it good to touch and hence it is high in demand.

Coconut Macaroon is thicker and more rounded in shape than the normal traditional cookies. You can choose to buy them for your forthcoming festivities and tea parties or gift them to your friends/relatives to celebrate the moment of togetherness.

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no 1 choice for my kids

i ordered this on mega sale day n my kids loved it like anything. now its a regular in our snacks,

by Nandini Reddy
Oct 13th, 21

unexpected delivery of taste

i was assuming it to be filled with all coconut flakes but to my surprise, it is nothing like that. perfect way to impart the feel of coconut n retain the crux of cookie. too good

by Amit Solanki
Oct 13th, 21

traditional twist

good to enjoy the coconut variant from cookies basket. it is too good. i gift to my friends also

by Nimit Kumar
Oct 13th, 21