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CookieMan's USP is that our cookies are all baked fresh at the store. All Our Cookie recipes are exactly as they were formulated in Australia. We do not use preservatives for the Cookies sold at our retail outlets. That is our freshness gurantee.

Some of our Cookies, like the Double Choc Chunk, Apricot Supreme, Milky Choc Chew and the Caramel Cashew are made to be soft and chewy. These cookies are typically richer and contain more butter and taste better when warmed and or served with a scoop of ice cream.

CookieMan's crispy crunchy Cookies have a shelf life of 45 days in an air tight container. The Soft and Chewy Cookies, brownies and muffins need to be stored in a refrigerator. The Specialty cookies in the jar's can be stored at ambient temperature provided the jars are closed tightly.

Once the packs are opened, please store all the cookies in an airtight container to ensure the cookies remain crunchy for as long as possible.

All CookieMan cookies are eggless. We use eggs for the following products: 

1. All Muffins baked in South India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh)

2. All Biscotti sold across India

We use preservatives for the following products:

1. Gourmet Cookies

2. Brownies & Muffins

3. Double Choc Chunk Cookie

4. Milky Choc Chew

5. Apricot Supreme

6. Caramel Cashew

The regular Crispy Crunchy Cookies do not use preservatives.

Some of our cookies use, nuts and some artificial flavoring and may trigger an allergic reaction.