Almond Fingers - Lovers
Posted On : 21 Oct 2021, Thu 14:08
Why are Almond Fingers always one of the most preferred for kids and adults?  A well-timed snack helps get rid of the hunger pangs and gives the energy to stay awake and be productive. Now, comes the big question? Which snacks should you select?  One of the best snack options is cookies. When buying cookies, there are so many options
Chocó Chip Muffins - Cookieman
Posted On : 21 Oct 2021, Thu 13:46
A Few Compelling Reasons to Try Chocó Chip Muffins of CookiemanIrresistible Double Choc Chip Muffins are everyone’s favorite. So, no wonder if you too are craving for them. These mouth-watering muffins are a must try product of Cookieman. Super chocolaty, super delicious and mind blowing. Given here are a few compelling reasons to try these muffins from Cookieman. Super Light and
What to gift someone you love?
Posted On : 21 Oct 2021, Thu 13:39
​​What to gift someone you love?The culture of gifting is practiced all over the world in some form or the other. It’s a sweet way of letting someone know we care. But have you ever imagined the expression on your friend’s face when they see the same figurine or flower vase coming back to them, that they had gifted you
Top 5 Reasons
Posted On : 20 Oct 2021, Wed 19:38
Top 5 Reasons How Evening Snacks Can Make WFH BetterLife has changed a lot since late 2019 when Covid-19 pandemic struck. WFH or Work from Home is a new norm. When the disease was on its peak and there was a complete lockdown all across the nation, WFH was a necessity rather than just a matter of choice.