Indulgence Cookies ...................... per pc Rs 70/-

Deliciously decadent, our range of exclusive Super Duper Cookies is crafted with the sole intention of helping you truly indulge in the finest cookies available in the country. Soft yet refreshingly crisp, these scrumptious cookies are available in a range of gourmet flavours. Whip them into easy to make yet classy desserts guaranteed to delight any connoisseur. Capture the extravagance of the ultimate snack in these delectable cookies!

Quick Tip: They are best consumed warm. Heat them for 30-40 seconds in a microwave or for 2 minutes in an OTG.  



 A deliciously soft cookie, the Apricot Super Duper Cookie is a marvelous blend of coconut, accentuated by finely diced imported apricots.


Dessert Tip: This gooey apricot treat can be warmed and drowned in a generous serving of caramel sauce to create a mouth-watering dessert.

Choc Macadamia


This chocolate flavoured cookie filled with the finest Macadamia nuts and Choc chunks is destined to sweep you off your feet.


Caramel Cashew


This caramel flavored cookie is filled with loads of cashews is guaranteed to have you addicted to its brilliant flavors.


Double Choc Chunk


A classic medley of cocoa and chocolate chunks need we say more?


Oatmeal Raisin


A truly unique cookie by virtue of its content, appearance and popularity, this butter-rich exclusive cookie is bursting with nutritious Oats and raisins.



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