Prospective franchisees with the following attributes will reach success.
 Outgoing personality
 Strong service ethics
 Burning desire to succeed
 Excellent communication skills
 Good administrative skills
 Enthusiasm and energy
 Strong quality and cleanliness ethic
 Willingness to learn and accept change
 Ability to lead by example
 Readiness to be working in the shop every day
Successfully working and running a Cookie Man outlet calls for the following:
The presence of the owner-operator in the outlet all the time.

Corporate Gifts are an important source of revenue. Access to business enterprises in your city would be an important winning attribute.

Offline sales is a factor which pushes up volumes towards profitability.
Please check if the requirements of the business match your strengths.

If you are ready for the challenge of building a successful long-term business with Cookie Man India, please contact us for more details immediately.

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