This form is provided as an aid to the applicant in preparing and presenting personal and professional information for our confidential use. Please complete in as much detail as possible. In case you find the space provided insufficient, please use additional sheets.
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Statement of Net Worth / Three years IT Returns (You will need to please provide detailed IT Returns when you meet us in person)
Proof of Funds :- Please note that prior to moving ahead, we will require you to demonstrate to us proof of funds required to execute the franchise. Please note that while we will not immediately require the funds to be available in cash or in a bank account, we would require to know how you propose to fund the franchise amount, i.e. between Rs. 2.5 million to- Rs. 5.0 million (depending on the city, size of store etc. You will need to provide this in person.)
Any other information you think will be useful for our evaluation:
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