A franchise is based on a proven formula of success and as a result, the franchise format tends to reduce the risk of operating  one’s own small business.  
 The franchising system offers you an opportunity to be a self-employed owner-operator.
 You are running your own business but you are not alone. In a Cookie Man franchise, you have a long-term partner in the business  backed by forty years of experience and know-how of the industry, offering a world class branded product line.
 Cookie Man is one of the most successful franchise companies in Australia.
 Location, Location, Location
 To maximize the potential of the business, the Cookie Man franchise shop must be located in a high traffic shopping area on  the ground level with optimum visibility.
 The shop interiors and the equipments for the operation will be according to the international standards required by Cookie Man.
 Once a franchisee agreement has been signed, Cookie Man India and the franchisee jointly agree on the location of the new shop.  Franchisee applicants who have access to a retail shop in a prime high traffic area will be given higher preference.
 It normally takes about 60-90 days to build and equip a shop. The Cookie Man Franchise Operations Manager will be on hand as  required to supervise the construction process, working hand-in-hand with the franchisee. 
 Training, Training, Training
 While the shop is under construction, the Cookie Man Franchisee training team will begin the training programme for the franchisee  and his/ her key staff in Chennai.
 Training will be provided in every single aspect of the business: product knowledge, baking, selling, merchandising, recruiting,  training, and motivating staff, cleanliness and hygiene procedures, stock planning and management, management and statutory  financial reporting.
 The franchisee will learn by the experience of working in the Cookie Man shops in Chennai. We have learned that the best  way to learn the business is by being “on the job”.
 A few weeks before the shop opening date, the Cookie Man Franchise Training Team will assist the franchisee in recruiting and  training the initial staff at the new shop.
 At this time, the initial order for dough, packaging material and consumables is placed with the Commissary.
 Likewise, the Cookie Man Training Team will work with the franchisee to plan an exciting series of launch promotions to create  awareness of the shop in the target market.
 That Auspicious Day – Opening the New Franchise Shop
 The Cookie Man Franchise Training Team will work in the new shop with the franchise for an initial period to help with the final  training at the new location.
 Once the franchisee feels ready, the Training Team will hand over full management, but will always be on hand to help with any  query.
 Post Launch – Cookie Man India, Your Partner in the Business
 Just like in Australia, the Cookie Man Training Team is always on hand to assist Cookie Man Franchisees – from baking procedures  to maintenance to merchandising and sales promotion. All this forms a part of Cookie Man India’s commitment to service and  support to help ensure that the franchisee develops and grows into a very successful shop.
 Cookie Man also provides ongoing marketing support via the shop promotional fund.
 The Cookie Man Franchise team will be in constant contact with the franchisee throughout the year. Festival and event-driven  products, plus packaging and promotions provided by the Commissary, ensure that there is always something new and exciting  happening at every Cookie Man shop.
 The Commissary supplies virtually all of the shop needs: dough, packaging, gift packaging and consumables. Some items (such as  the Coca Cola soft drink lines) are procured locally.
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