The interested group (hereinafter referred to as the "Franchisee") can take a franchise for a specific territory. Each territory will encompass the mall itself.


Each retail format attracts a non-refundable franchise fee.  Please contact us for details.

The Franchisee and Franchisor will jointly select a store in a high footfall location in a mall.

The location should have footfalls of at least 10,000 people/ day (for existing mall sites) or should be in a location that the franchisee believes can have this level of footfall for proposed sites.


All the interior design and layout for the shop will be as specified by Cookie Man. Cookie Man’s project team will oversee the layout and interior decoration of the shop.


Cookie Man organization will lend its brand name, arrange for supply of Auto Bake Oven on a lease rental basis, help in recruitment of staff, offer excellent training to the franchisee and his staff in the areas of production/ baking, packaging, merchandising, communication with customers, selling, promotion, billing and cash management, housekeeping, repairs and maintenance, information system, etc.


Cookie Man will supply all raw materials, packaging and other consumables to the franchisee, who shall not buy any material from other sources, unless authorized by Cookie Man.


Cookie Man’s commissary at Chennai will produce/ procure and supply all the materials required by the franchisee. Wherever possible, Cookie Man will arrange to supply all the materials through a local stocking point located at the franchisee’s place of operation.


The entire business orientation and training requirements, including recruitment, etc. will be taken care of well before the date of commencement of the franchisee’s operation.


Franchisee shall allocate an amount equal to 5% of net sales towards sales promotion. Cookie Man will match this amount and this will be spent towards promoting the shop in and around the neighbourhood.


On a continuous basis, Cookie Man will keep updating the franchisee on new product development, sales and production techniques, shop management, sales promotion and strategy formulation to improve current business.


Training programmes will be a continuous feature of the franchise system.

Cookie Man has effective information and reporting system in place, based on which it will monitor the franchisee’s operation and help him/ her to build a strong and growing business. Cookie Man believes that its relationship only begins with the franchisee’s appointment.
Project Cost:

The project cost includes the following:

Franchise fee      (Non-refundable) Grants a 5-year term
Oven deposit:   Only for store and kiosk, refundable
Interior fit out:   Approx. Rs 900–1000 per sft
Equipment: Up to Rs 450000
Signage: Up to Rs 150000
Shop rental deposit:  3-12 months rent

An accurate project cost will be derived once the location is finalized.

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