Do you sell biscuits?
 We serve you with the most wonderful freshly baked Australian cookies. Cookies are different from biscuits. Our cookies are  tastier than the biscuits available in the market. You would definitely enjoy every bite of our cookies.
 Why do you call them cookies, not biscuits?
 Biscuits are distant cousins of cookies. The name “Cookie” is based on the Dutch nomenclature. Cookies are the plain, homely  relatives of biscuits. Unlike biscuits, cookies do not contain additives or preservatives.
 Do you have eggless cookies?
 We sure do have cookies to your taste. Our entire Crispy Crunchy Cookie range are egg less.
 Do you have hard cookies?
 Of course we do. Our best seller, Brandy Snap, is a hard and snappy cookie that is relished by all. We also have Caramello Nut,  Coconut Macaroons and Coffee Walnuts for you to enjoy.
 Do you have soft cookies?
 Our entire range of Indulgence cookies is soft and chewy.
 Do you have special cookies for older people?
 Our entire range of Indulgence cookies that are soft, chewy and nutritious are the right choice for the elderly.
 Do you have special cookies which children will relish?
 Of course yes. We do have special cookies favored by the kids. Our 100ís and 1000ís has always been a hot favorite. If your kids love chocolate flavor, they will adore our choc chips, chocolate-dipped and cream-filled cookies.
 Do you have fat-free cookies?
 All our cookies have margarine content to enhance the flavour. This fat is required for the freshness of the cookies. However, it  would do you no harm even if consumed daily in small quantities.
 Why are your cookies called “FRESH BAKED” cookies?
 The mouth-watering aroma of fresh-baked cookies is the first sensation of our Cookie Man shop. Cookie Man takes pride and care  in baking a wide range of home-style cookies fresh every day just for you, the cookie lover. From traditional shortbreads to chunky  choc style cookies, we pride ourselves in using only the best ingredients available; we guarantee to bake fresh cookies every day  for you, your family and your friends.
 How fresh are these cookies?
 Cookies from our shops are less than one day old when you buy them. That is why the mouth-watering aroma of fresh-baked  cookies is the first sensation of our Cookie Man shop.
 Are these cookies really Australian made?
 Our cookies are Australian in the true sense, not in the literal sense. We use all recipes that were provided by our Australian head office.  The Australian head office approves the ingredients that we use. Every fortnight, the cookies produced here are sent to Australia  for quality checking.
 How long can I store the cookies?
 Our cookies are so tempting that you hardly need to store them once you have opened the pack. However, you could store them  for 30 to 40 days if kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
 How do I preserve the cookies?
 Essentially, all our cookies need to be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container. Some cookies need special care that is  briefed in the TLCC card.
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