Cream Brandy Snap ...................... per pc Rs 30/-
  Snowies ........................................ per pc Rs 30/-

Looking for an extra indulgent treat? The perfect choice for you is our range of exclusive Cream-Filled Cookies. Hand-made crispy crunchy cookies sandwich a generous serving of rich flavoured butter cream made from the finest dairy products to create a delightful snack. Take your pick from our range of exciting natural flavours:

Cream Brandy Snap


The much-adored Brandy Snap takes on an exciting new dimension with a rich dollop of cream sandwiched between two crisp cookies, creating a virtual explosion of sweet flavour in every bite.


Chocolate Snowies


The simple shortbread cookie gets a make-over with a dash of luscious butter cream and a splash of sinful cocoa powder.


Coffee Snowies


Snowies high on the aroma and flavour of rich coffee brew – the perfect evening bite!


Mango Snowies


A variation of the choc snowies, these seasonal delights are filled with natural mango pulp blended smoothly into the cream – an ode to the king of fruits!


Orange Snowies


Choc snowies with a twist – a zingy orange flavoured cream that’s sure to make your palate tingle!


Vanilla Snowies


Filled with the delicate essence of vanilla, these snowie variations are a classic.


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