Cookie Man is easily recognized by its distinctive, bright decor and the unique traveling oven, which bakes fresh, mouth-watering cookies synonymous with the Cookie Man trademark.

Kevin Hicks, started out by selling his Grandma’s fresh-baked cookies door-to-door. The overwhelming response he received encouraged him to open the first Cookie Man store in Melbourne in 1958. The business proved to be extremely successful and Kevin went on to develop a proprietary patented oven that allowed him to bake large quantities of his home-style cookies right in the shop, to meet the growing demand of Australian cookie lovers.

He built a successful retail formula that has seen Cookie Man become the cookie of choice across Australia and enabled a global expansion.

Our first retail cookie shop which opened in Australia in 1958 at a prime location – the Myer department store in the city of Melbourne. This store proved to be the model for a successful retailing formula, which later expanded into 52 outlets throughout Australia. The Myer Melbourne Cookie Man outlet, which is till today an important hub of activity, proves that location is of utmost importance for cookie shops.

At the heart of the Cookie Man retail outlet is the point-of-sale cookie machine. The retail cookie machines are supplied exclusively by Cookie Man Pvt. Ltd., both in Australia and for international markets.


From its humble beginnings over forty years ago with just one type of cookie, Cookie Man has expanded rapidly in key markets across the globe. Today, Cookie Man boasts of over 40 fresh-baked cookie varieties, 20 varieties of cream-filled and chocolate-coated cookie products, sweet and savory patisserie lines and the recently introduced coffee and cold drinks.

This is coupled with an eye-catching gift range, which is also available at all Cookie Man shops.

Cookie Man management has a highly motivated and experienced team of professionals dedicated to the expansion and development of the Cookie Man concept in Australia and overseas. If you have queries concerning the fresh baked Cookie Man concept, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do whatever we can to assist your inquiry.

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